3rd Regional Conference of Heads of Planning and Statistics (HOPS 3)

Noumea, New Caledonia


With a focus on articulating future strategic directions guiding the development of sustainable nationalk and regional statistical capacities, this regional conference has two key aims: to report on achievements and outcomes associated with SDP's 2006–2009 strategic plan, and review a proposed new long-term regional statistcial strategy.

​Two main approaches will be used:

  • Review the contributions made by the Statistics and Demography Programme (SDP) of SPC in collaboration with its development partners to statistical development in the region since our last meeting in September 2007. This will include 1 day each specifically dedicated to technical discussions pertaining to economic statistics and to population censuses.
  • Discuss and consider the recommendations of the Pacific Regional Statistical Implementation Plan currently being developed by two ADB consultants in close collaboratioon with SPC and PFTAC, and guided by a steering committee comprising of 3 PICT Government Statisticians and 2 development partner representatives.
Joint Event